We Are Committed to Safety

Bratten Electric, Inc. is a “Drug Free Workplace” dedicated to providing a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees, sub-contractors, and customers. We follow operating practices that safeguard employees, the public and Company operations. 

We believe all accidents are preventable. Therefore, we will make every effort to prevent accidents and comply with all established safety and health laws and regulations. 

Training is integral to recognizing, preventing, avoiding, and correcting potential safety hazards. Bratten Electric, Inc. is committed to providing ongoing appropriate training to our management and employees. 

Each of our site foremen have OSHA 30, various mobile lift training, forklift training, CPR, First Aid, and various others. 

We conduct weekly toolbox safety meetings on each ongoing project. Our Safety culture is reliant on each of our employees taking personal responsibility for their safety and creating a safe working environment. 

We make sure that all required OSHSA certifications are up to date and that our employees are aware of the changing hazards we may encounter. Keeping safety in the forefront of daily operations is imperative to successfully completing each of our projects. 

Our safety personnel complete regular site inspections to assist in recognizing potential hazards, conduct site meetings, and enforce Safety policies as needed. 

We at Bratten Electric, Inc. recognize that the only successful project is one that is completed safely. Everyone in our organization from ownership to the apprentice on site is fully committed to our culture of safety.