Fire Safety Tips

  • Keep to a minimum the quantity of flammable materials (liquids and gases) on site 
  • Properly label and store all flammable materials 
  • Return flammable gas cylinders to a ventilated storage area at the end of each shift 
  • Strictly ban smoking and other ignition sources from areas where gases or flammable liquids are stored or used. Post clearly visible signs to that effect. 
  • Properly maintain gas cylinders, hoses and equipment and keep them in excellent condition at all times 
  • When gas cylinders are not in use, ensure valves are fully closed. 
  • Regularly remove flammable and combustible waste and store it in suitable bins or containers 
  • Provide a proper quantity of suitable fire extinguishers. Make sure every worker knows where they are located and how to use them. 
  • Know all emergency procedures for evacuating the site, raising the alarm and contacting the local fire department