Electrical Arcs & Blasts

Electrical arcs and blasts are a potential danger when working with most electrical devices. Depending on the voltage and the distance from the main power supply, arcs can cause severe injury, third-degree burns and even death. 

The Causes 

– An arc is created by a short-circuit, most often when non-insulated tools come in contact with a live electrical current. 

– The heat of an electrical arc can exceed 10,000◦F—which is 1,000◦F greater than the surface of the sun. 

– The blast which accompanies an arc is created by the superheating of air in the vicinity. The force produced can equal the force of an exploding bomb. 

Possible Outcomes 

– Cardiac arrest 
– Muscle, nerve, and tissue destruction 
– Thermal burns 
– Death 

Safety Tips 

– Make use of personal protective clothing, such as flash suits, face shields and appropriately insulated gloves. 

– Use insulated tools. 

– Always work under the direct supervision of a trained electrician.